What is it?

Jet lag occurs when your body clock is out of sync with the environment. It causes health problems and reduced alertness (Olson, 2013).

Jet Lag Rooster shifts your body clock to reduce or prevent jet lag:

  1. Enter your trip details on the reduce jet lag page.
  2. Get and follow your personal jet lag plan (see example). It's free.
  3. Enjoy your trip with reduced jet lag.

Does it work?


Research shows that light exposure and melatonin at the right times can shift your body clock to reduce jet lag (Eastman & Burgess, 2009; Kolla & Auger, 2011). Jet Lag Rooster creates an individual plan suggesting the best times for bright light exposure (e.g., sunlight) and melatonin. People who follow these suggestions report less jet lag (Lieberman, 2003). Shifting your body clock before departing can sometimes prevent jet lag completely (Burgess et al., 2003).

Jet Lag Rooster is recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC Health Information for International Travel "Yellow Book", 2016). For details on the science behind it, see an article in Scientific American (Olson, 2013).

The site was created by Jay Olson, M.Sc. from McGill University.

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Jet lag prevention algorithm last updated on: 18 Jan 2018.